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Originally Posted by RickEis View Post

Yep - elevation looks good

I've been thinking, you say, "The altitude is normally off by quite a lot in the beginning. " You say it is off at the beginning, but gps altitude can be off several meters (feet ) even when locked in to several satellites...yes?

At least what I have seen, isn't the pressure sensor much more accurate in elevation changes? - Can we use the pressure sensor for our altitude instead of GPS or as an option? (Maybe a toggle?)

The Nano ordered should be here Tuesday!
If all goes well, I plan to use some vacation time to mount and test in the air.

Do you see what I adjusted ? This is why your work is so amazing. For those of us that want a customized OSD, this gets us started in a big way !!

Thank you Dennis !

Great to see you managed to change it yourself
Yes, the pressure-sensor should be a lot more stable in regard to altitude. The GPS altitude always "drifts" quite a lot.

All the extra sensors etc. will not be done before the general functions have been verified to work correctly (at least that's the plan)
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