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Do you know how you can hover over the video timeline in the bottom to see thumbnails of the rest of the video? So I saw the beginning (your "real" plane) and then hovered to all of a sudden seeing thumbnails of the plane in the air!!! I got really excited and jumped there, but something about this plane didn't sound right... The fan made absolutely no noise, and it appeared as if a fuel-based prop plane was following you. Until I realized what was going on there... Man, you had me going for a while. I thought you were maidening it!!! Well, you brought the plane back to the ground enough to fly another day... I think of the wingtip missiles as "wing protectors" anyway... Can't wait for the "real" maiden. I am nowhere near ready "emotionally" to fly my YA F/A-18. I just bought an Exceed foam 90mm F-18E. After I fly this well, I will build the ProJet Fiberglass 90mm F-18E. Only when I feel comfortable with both of those--will I ever attempt to fly my YA F-18...
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