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Originally Posted by bobthenuke View Post
I see the numbers and read the charts, but two things stick in my mind...I had some 4000mah TP cells that puffed with little to no load and those bastards at Thunder Power treated me like an ignoramus when I described the setting, times, equipment, loads, etc. These idiots blamed it completely on me, regardless of the data (which insinuates that I was/am a liar or idiot or both) and replaced one of the batteries with no warranty. It puffed like the others. Funny, other brands at the time (same current and voltage specs) worked fine in the same setting and had no issues.

Maybe TP provides a better product today (regardless of the so-called warranty) but I won one recently in an auction at a fly-in (4S Extreme V2 2200mah) and it puffed just sitting around for a week or two. I know that I'm far from alone in my feelings about Thunder Power, and as it turned out those particular batteries (4000mah) had a history of problems. Next time I go to Vegas I need to stop in and say hello to those jerks.

I thought the Nano-techs were OK until I found that comparing performance data on different motors revealed, in addition, that the nano are NOT supplying the advertised power; this with 4 relatively new, lightly used, and in perfect condition 2S and 3S 5300 and 5000 mah (35-70C discharge) respective batteries. I'm not a battery expert, but I do know something about them and power calcs and the rest of it and I won't buy these again. No puffs yet, but rather sub-par as per advertised performance.

I'm beginning to suspect that one must spend the money to get good batteries or be a "name" using them so the company won't look bad. Also, keeping in mind that no matter how "good" a product may be, the way that a company deals with problems is just important. Now, what do I order next in the way of batteries??????? It seems like you roll the dice and hope that something good comes up. I still have some batteries (without balance plugs) that I bought 5 years ago that work great. WT-?

Who knows, maby they are now adding mouse pee to save on cost!
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