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Another 2 cents from France.
Everything GH says is obviously good sense, but a good variation, when you've closed the needle as far as it will go, is to actually blow through a length of fuel tubing while gradually unscrewing the needle. This way you can feel and hear the variation in air passage, as the needle opens. As GH says, of course, with the needle completely closed you shouldn't be able to blow through.
Also, it's worth checking that the spraybar fuel feed hole(s) are properly positioned. They (or it) should be positioned transversally, i.e. facing the wall of the venturi. If there is only one hole and it's pointing down into the crankshaft port, the engine will still run OK but, in all cases, if you look down the venturi and you can see a hole looking back up at you, then the spraybar needs repositioning!
Finally, on the Snipe, the fuel tube nipple on the spraybar should be angled back towards the rear of the crankcase, which should more or less automatically align the spraybar.
Check that it is the correct spraybar, and that air isn't leaking in where the spraybar actually passes through the venturi (i.e. in the case of an undersize (wrong) spraybar with no fibre washer seals or similar...
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