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Originally Posted by A.T. View Post
DIY earlier thread:
1. Large diameter music wire aka piano wire, see examples of benders in previous thread:
. Need a GOOD music wire bender! and

DIY as per attached examples.

2. Small diameter music wire e.g. "Z" Bends:
a). Buy a pair of "Z" Bend Pliers, one squeeze and done.
b). Make an L bend with pliers and use a plastic or metal "clip" as pictured.
. - DIY Z Bends
c). Refer illustration attached. - Another method is to hold end in a vise and tap down with a hammer,
then square the z with a screwdriver tip tapped down - both can cause a ridge which eventually enlarges horn hole = slop.

More information available under
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.
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Thanks for the info Alan. I do have some "Z" bend pliers and they do work well. I also use the EZ clips with the L bends as shown in your picture. I also cut a small piece of fuel tubing and slide it over the clip end to make sure the clip doesn't pop off.
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