Thread: Help! s033g -27mhz to 2.4ghz
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Hi drambuidhe,

Glad to do it, It was interesting to see how the extra weight affected the flying.

When, or If I get the S033G going again, I'll do the same test on it.

I can think of a couple of other things that might be robbing some of the motor power. A loose hub on the outer shaft will let the lower blades slip. I had this happen to the DH9118 after I did the lower blade reversal. I put a drop of thin CA in the threads and haven't had a problem since. A motor pinion slipping on the shaft will also rob power, Ditto the large gears. Proper clearance between the gear and pinion is also very important. (I'm sure that you know all of this, Since you have many Heli's )

One way that I use to tell if my batteries are starting to go south, Is by monitering the amount of mAh used in flight. (I also facter in the wind conditions) I check my batteries after they've been recharged to see if the mAh used has increased substantially. Any puffing of the pack is a good indicator that the battery is not at full strength. Also I can tell by the way the battery is acting at the end of the timed flight.

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