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Originally Posted by Matt Halton View Post
Was worrying about CG but where you have placed your gear it should be ok.
Thank you Matt, and yes i weighed everything before it was placed on the quad to make sure it still balanced out in each axis....... Using manual mode is also a good way to check if your CG is right because the quad will lean in the direction of the heavy side.

Also are you sure your 2.4ghz transmitter is only 10milli watts and not 100?..... If it is then i don't think you are going to be happy with the range.

I'm using a 800mw 900mhz transmitter because 900mhz has better penetration with obstacles that are low to the ground........and trust me quads do not do well with major heights so under 200feet high is were you will want to stay.

Sorry to hear about your ESC startazz...... I guess your warm/hot is the same as our`s and you knew it was too hot............ I can honestly say mine barley get warm and the only thing i did right out of the box (literally) was cover exposed wires and connections, make sure nothing was binding or bent on too much of an angle and then i separated the wires from the ESC`s to the motors with a little hot glue as well.

I really put my ideafly quad to the test today..... not only was she loaded up with all the FPV gear like, 2 cameras(one is a gopro) 610mah camera batt.,transmitter,E-logger,OSD,on board voltage monitor,gyroscopic heads up display unit, ......but also........ a 315g 3600mah main battery.......... She weighed in at a grand total of 1351grams....... and i got 9 minutes of flight out of her sometimes pulling 20amps......... flew her back to back for 4 sets of batteries and the ESC`s never went over 41degrees Celsius.
Ya I'm very happy to say the least....... how long will it last with this set up?....time will tell but if nothing is getting hot...... then why wouldn't it last?

I will try and get the gopro footage uploaded soon.......

Also startazz, can you cut away the heat shrink on your burt ESC and take a picture..... I would like to see it, if you can.... Cheers guys!
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