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Originally Posted by OkiThumper View Post
Actually JKinTX, today I ran Wildcat 15%. It's got Castor. Ran fine in the Fuji 099S-II ABC with 8x4 prop. After further running in, this engine with its low 5.5:1 compression seems to like the larger prop, turns with authority without overheating. Adjusted the low speed needle and idle, has a nice moderate idle. Looks like I found my engine for the Hobby Lobby electric Miss Stik Senior (55 inches or 1,400 mm span Texaco styled cabin floater).

Ran the Enya .19-VI TV for the first time since buying off E-Bay (attached). It is used but with a lot of compression. When I first got it, noticed the crankshaft was slightly bent; straightened it and mounted a Tatone EM-4 compact muffler. Running it today verified I properly straightened it,, runs true, pulls a 9x4 Master Airscrew prop with authority. Adjusted the low speed needle and idle, has a really nice tick over speed during idle.

The mounting holes show signs of being mounted on a plane. It takes a lot of force to bend a crankshaft, I figure it must have been in a crash. It came without prop nut and washer. I improvised a prop washer by drilling out a fender washer and found a nut to fit.

After several minutes running, the engine seemed unusually hot. Either I've got an engine that's not fully broke in, or the aftermarket muffler is too restrictive, IMO. I have a Tatone Peace Pipe muffler, will try that to see if it will help. If needs further run-in to break in, then, I really got a bargain (essentially a new engine).

I think I've found the ideal engine for Hobby Shack's venerable 45 inches or 1,150 mm wingspan The Real Thing. The .19 should change that from being a pussy cat.

Regarding my comments about heli fuel, I really shouldn't be so facetious. Out of curiosity I picked up 2 quarts. After research found it doesn't have Castor oil. Most manufacturers permit synth fuel in their ABC/ABN engines with the caveats that 1) above all, don't run engine lean; 2) don't run engine hot by overloading with oversized props. So, I plan to burn up this fuel in my ABC/ABN engines. For my steel lapped cylinder engines and the Coxes, I'll be running the Wildcat fuel with Castor oil content.

I don't have any ignition engines or really old, worn lapped piston engines, so I don't have to go there.
Enyas take FOREVER to break in. I ran nearly two gallons of fuel through the last .15 I had and it was still too tight.
If running any type engine that uses the case as a bearing material- CASTOR, otherwise you won't have an engine that runs well for long.

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