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Originally Posted by i812 View Post
It looks like the heli is wanting to tilt left because the AIL Servo/Swashplate is tilted that direction.

I'm thinking either:
  • you either didn't bind/initialize the heli upright on a horizontally level launch surface; therefore the Gyro's didn't sense where "zero" angle reference is, and instead is "locked" in to some off angle?

  • used cyclic (AIL) input before taking off the ground, therefore Gyro's are still trying to do whatever it takes to tilt the heli until the heli actually tilts to that angle or the AIL is commanded to tilt to the opposite angle direction thereby essentially commanding to "level" angle.

  • one of the AIL Servo's have a stripped gear, and the Servo isn't physically able to move to a level position.
Its def the vibrations, as none of those points apply.

The swash actually has a very slight tilt to the right not left, my desk is within 1 degree of being completely leveled and the servos are not stripped (Servo Saver mod & i disassemble the servos after every flight session that involves major crashes).

Anyway im going to continue my discussion with hobbyking, I'm waiting for their reply after having uploaded my youtube vids for them (still amazed that they responded on a Saturday, withing a couple of hours).
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