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Although I'm an e-sailplaner, I always learn in these forums so was visiting and saw your thread on turning. This topic has interested me for a long time.

I have searched the web for an article I once read about a left-hand (counterclockwise) preference for most people in turning. I was not able to find the article I was looking for but I did find this from the National Institute of Health This indicates that there may well be a preference wired into us. A single, small study but thought provoking. Fascinating.

I prefer left-handed or counterclockwise turns while soaring. Although I work hard on practicing right-hand turns, I seem to be much smoother going to the left. That said, I'll enter a thermal either way, turning into the thermal.

A question that comes to mind for me is the following: Is there rotation in a thermal? If there is, I believe in the Northern Hemisphere the rotation would be counterclockwise (anti-cyclonic I think). If so I it may be an advantage to move with the rotation.

Hope my musings are not too far off the topic. I'm sure we have a wizard or two out there who may comment. Thanks for starting this thread. Good mental exercise I think.

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