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Ok, just so you guys know how hard I am testing this thing. I managed to pull a complete loss of attention this afternoon and put it in hard on the nose. Result, broken weak no good stock prop, a little skuff mark on the front of the cowl, a little crack in the spinner, receiver came loose and a little bend in the landing gear. Back in the air with the gws 7x3.5 in less than 5 minutes. 7x3.5 does seem to make a noticeable difference in speed and punch when you hit the throttle. Verdict on the airframe, way way stronger than I would have given it credit for being. I honestly did not expect it to survive with so little damage. Missed one thing, it pulled my little beads of hot melt I had between wing and fuse loose also.

I do have an alibi though - some folks don't think sometimes. There was a guy flying a big 4 stroke 3d plane and having motor troubles. It had backfired 3 times and pitched the 18" prop and metal spinner half way across the field. Well he was putting it back together, so I took the opportunity to get in a flight. He finished quicker than I thought and next thing I knew he had fired it up about 15 feet directly behind me with prop pointed my way. I had already seen what happened earlier and started moving to what I hoped to be out of the path or reach of the pieces and kept looking back over my shoulder to see where he was. Should have either landed immediately or taken the Edge up real high, but did not. Too low, not paying attention, not an expert flyer and whatyaget - a crash test. I can laugh about it now though as I have an even better feeling about the Edge - way tougher than I thought and now flies even better than before.
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