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Just read your Avanti thread D, fantastic build method.

It was probably in the one of your posts on that thread, but I was wondering how do you align the individual sections with each other? I have seen in other threads guys use one or two centering holes in each section and then run a rod/s to align before gluing. How did you do yours?

Also just an idea regarding reinforcement and covering. I've just completed a slope soarer (zillion pics on my blog) and have used fiberglass rods (or carbon if wanting to save weight) cut into the foam and then glued. This was then sprayed with a spray contact adhesive (3M 70 or 90) and then glass fiber layed on, then sprayed again etc. This was all on EPP foam (not EPS) and is a relatively heavy covering method but my gawd it is as strong as brick shite house. Also being sprayed on it goes on evenly and can even be sanded smooth. Final covering is lam film and/or signwriters vinyl. Apart from the EPP foam, its a cheap build method :-) The advantage over resin is that the surface stays "solidly rubbery" so its very bash resistant. My wing using this method has done cartwheels and epic nose-in's (I'm learning to slope) yet it still looks good. Just thought I'd share one of my build experiences - seems to complement your methods.

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