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Teo - you're probably right. But I have this thing about finding an identical model in the pits... As I am way past competing now, for many reasons, it's not worth the bother to 'spend to pretend'.

It's how competition goes, any sport. When I was heavily into bike racing in the last century, I could strip my bike down and rebuild it for fun. Now, most cyclists in the serious end of the sport can't tell which end of a screwdriver's best to hold, but they know how to spend on New! Exciting! Stuff when told to.

Though the nearest I get to 'pattern' is reading their columns in MA and FM, it is immediately obvious it is a way more complex game, both in equipment and flying abilities, than not even that long ago.

Also read that a new 'status symbol' is a bright red $2000 Honda generator for pits charging those 5000mA 10S packs. Now we are getting into other realms...

If you ever want fun at a local level, back in my old day job in the last century, we had a huge association long weekend competition cum aeromodelling party. One event was 'three channel aerobatics'. Rudder/ele/throttle only, you picked your maneuvres out of a list and went at it. It was a pretty big organisation - the pattern judges were both internationally ranked FAI pattern status in Europe at the time.

Most folk flew old trainer trainers with some degree of overpowering. I cheated and built a large scale model of the 'Smog Hog' at 54" span for a 19 diesel. Hard to imagine it was once the top of the aerobatic heap, but I've seen few RET models that could handle a repeatable and on-order Avalanche Loop...

And now back to my drawing board (figuratively speaking, of course) - maybe my 'other airfoil' - NACA 00** - isn't all that bad after all?

Thank you all for your inputs.

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