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Great to see it being tested so quick. Now we just need it airborne. Unfortunately weather here i Denmark is not exactly flying weather.

The altitude being too much to the right on your screen - I cant really fix that. Sure I can move it to the left, but as it looks fine in your googles and on my screen, I believe it's the format your screen is showing that's a little off. I'll leave it as it is and change it if it turns out to be a general problem.

The altitude-decimal is removed when above 999.9 meters (if I remember correctly). It's done on purpose and not a bug

The number 142? It's the new 42!
No, it's the plane-position relative to yourself. It indicates the way you should point your antenna, or look for the plane. I added it as a feature on the old OSD and ended up using it a lot. When flying above the clods, you can't tell if you are in front of yourself, being blown to the left or something else. Sure, the arrow will give you the direction home, but when flying in heavy winds I have sometimes ended up 90-degrees off course (and also behind myself now and then). With the plane-position shown, it gives a much better feeling with the direction, and makes it a lot easier to stay within the antenna-beam.

The summary will show when all conditions in the config are fulfilled:
#define summary_speed 5 // Speed less than (in km/h)
#define summary_los 100 // LOS less than (in meters)
#define summary_current 99 // Current less than (in amps)
#define summary_time 0 // Flight time more than (in seconds)
#define summary_altitude 999 // altitude less than (in meters)

And a little To-Do for the basic:
  • NTSC summary re-position
  • Silly USA folks need new units (sorry, your words )
  • Implement altitude offset again (to make it show 0 at home-position).
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