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Well I almost had a very disastorous flight today! 6mins into a flight of starting to explore it's limits, and I hear a whoosh/poof sound followed by a very sudden stop of the prop and the appearance of a smoke stream. I managed to get it down safely without damaging anything, despite landing it in some long grass, didn't even break the prop! My checking over of the system after my flights had revealed barely warm to touch batteries and ESC, but the motor was coming down reasonably warm to hot. But a post mortem of the power system revealed a motor with very dark windings and pretty much nothing left of my ESC except the heatsink, capacitors, and the wire leads. So we believe the motor just gave in and took the ESC out with it, the batteries also have had some of the outer covering burnt away, so they'll go in the bin simply as a precaution. The other damage is the motor box is quite singed on the side where the ESC was mounted.

So it seems I found the answer to my question as to the suitability of my 260kv motor, as despite it having awesome power it seems I had it prop'd a bit hard. The motor is currently firm to turn over and initially after the flight felt like it was catching in some spots, so i'll be pulling it apart to check it over and i'll replace the bearings, and do some reading up on winding or send it to someone to have it rewound to 220-240kv.

So where to from here, well i'll be cleaning up the motor box and fitting some doublers in the damaged areas as a precaution, i'll fit up the other suitable ESC I have here (ZTW 120a HV), and i'll look at fitting up the Torque F3a motor or i'll just wait till I get the Motrolfly fixed up.

But all in all I was very lucky I didn't do any more damage, especially if those batteries had gone up it would not have ended well! But before it all went bad on the previous flights I'd had lots of comments on how well it flew!
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