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First we have to know if "your" opendiyAT and your Arduino board is working well, thus you should use NMEAGEN to generate gps sentences, of course you have to use your ftdi cable to be able to extract those sentences from the PC.

Once you have NMEAGEN sentences through your ftdi cable (led is flshing to the cadence of 1Hz or 5Hz if you change the setting as I propose), connect ftdi Tx line to the arduino Rx line (GND is common if you have the arduino powered by teh PC's usb port).

This is the first test, check if opendiAT Serial.print the gps data to you screen using a serial monitor (from arduino's IDE , hyperterminal or other).

Then replace the NMEAGEN by your gps unit, maintain the ftdi cable connected to the PC.

Now use the hyperterminal connected to your ftdi COM port, do the connections as I explained earlier (GND and +5V from Arduino to gps unit, and gps Tx to ftdi Rx) and check to see if you manage to get a fix (see in hyperterminal window if the gps sentences has the coordinates of the place you are sitting on), when it does, change the gps Tx wire from the ftdi Rx and connect it to the Arduino's Rx port.

Now, you should see in arduino's COM port serial out from arduino's IDE the gps data printed by opendiyAT.
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