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Many small cheaters do the trick

@ sikky: thx! Setup is just the Turnigy L-2855 2800kV which is usually run on 4s, here only on a 2200mA 3s 35C Nanotech, some 37A on full battery, translating into 3.5 min WOT.
The Twister is kept very light, that's why it climbs nicely.

@ stingeragents: I am sure you are right, with more power, maybe already with 700W, there would be much more woosh. But there ARE some airframes like the HK Vampire which produce the woosh out of the turbulent air, and NOT the power (and thererfore speed of the air getting in and out). It would be nice to get the Vampire sound in other airframes as well. Might be those small numerous cheaters. Got a Freewing 64mm Panther which sounds awesome due to many thin cheater strips (and a 7-blade fan which does not howl). In this video you also see good examples of "control surface blanketing" on a Panther at high alpha when the horizontal stab is ineffective because the wing blocks all airflow...

F9F Panther 64mm 7-blade stall crash tree & high alpha starts (2 min 20 sec)

Surely you know lots of Vampire videos and the great sound of that airframe...
So in search of good sound at low Watts, cheater strips may work
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