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So I'M meant to be in control?
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Thanks for the kind comments, SJ! I'm enjoying the Competitor build immensely - though don't hold your breath for the Chief!!!

After a couple of abortive trips to the field - one where the wind made it 'a bit sporting' (ie bloody hairy!) and another where for some reason the Lipo had gone open circuit (something internal - with that lipo only being 3 a time, I'm not going to mess about with it) - yesterday was calm enough to check out the extra thrustline adjustments and removal of some nose weight.

I reckon the thrustline is now fine - I'll post a video as soon as the Vimeo pixies have completed their conversion work on it. On full throttle, the model enters a sustainable climb, with a steady left hand bank.

Moving the CG back (need to check where it is now) has not shown any hint of a stall, but the glide is a little flatter. I could possibly move it back even further? Although I don't need a burst of throttle to flare for landing any more, 'up' elevator is still not having any flaring effect at landing speeds with no propwash - and little effect at flying speeds with propwash. Would this possibly be improved by moving the CG back a little further? Generally, the model is totally stable in flight.

I'm really enjoying learning about the aerodynamics here! I'm hesitant to say that anything is now correct, as I have nothing to compare to - but I reckon that it's getting close! I can refit the noseblock now..

When converted, the first video will be a short one hopefully showing the climb, steady flight, and glide; and the second is a longer version of the same for those who have the time or inclination to watch a vintage model ambling around the sky....

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