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Originally Posted by CaptJac View Post
1- What motor pinion i need to use with the flat 80% TC? or what head speed is good for 450 scale?
Answer - the standard motor pinion (11T) provides adequate head speed and torque using an 80% TC. From a 2200 ma battery - you should get 6-7 minutes of flight time without overheating the motor or ESC. As a precaution (and a much needed deep breath exercise) - I take a 30 second breather after 3 minutes of concentrated flying.

2-How many cyclic pitch degree is good? 6*, 5*???
Answer - depends on your skill level - type of flying you want to do - and how steady your hand is. For training I set the swash-mix for 60% on the aileron-elevator-pitch. The higher the number the more sensitive the cyclic becomes.

3- For the 450 what pitch curve is good? in the post i read -2/3/8, -2/4/7 and others.
Answer - with the resolution and measurement error of a pitch gauge - those numbers will yield about the same performance. I use a linear pitch curve with center stick (50% collective) at 3 degrees. This makes the heli light on the skids and very close to lift off. The (-2 degrees) is to get it back on the ground if there is an updraft. The 7 or 8 degrees will give you plenty of climb speed if you need it.

4-How much D/R? if any
Answer - dual-rate is used when you want to switch the sensitivity of your cycle while you are flying. I seldom use it other than setting the expo value for the cyclic and rudder - which is your next question.

5-How much expo for cyclic and rudder??
Answer - definitely this is a person preference again depending on all the factors defined in question 2. I find 25% is about right for the cyclic. More than that it is too "sluggish" - less than 20% I tend to over-control. Rudder is the only exception - it feels better when it is linear (expo => off).

Last comment - every heli has it's own characteristics - some good - some not so good. The only way to know what's the best setting is trial and error. Eventually (more error than trial) - you will get it dialed in where it just feels good. If doesn't seem to want to ever dial in - you may need some mechanical adjustments and tweaks - or some more time on the simulator. Most importantly - I keep saying this to myself every time I fly but sometimes I don't listen - "take it slow and easy" - especially when training something new. It's that "I can do that" impulse that gets you every time!! Have a great training!

thanks Cap for the fast reply tomorrow i want to set my head to -11/11 mechanic and the set it with this numbers, thanks for all. for the swash mix i not have it beacause is flybarless but i thin than i want to be ok with 6 degrees, i test it an post my result soon, thanks again.
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