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Well my devil finally arrived yesterday!

Unfortunately the canopy was crushed in on one side cracking it in several places, but it's still usable. I emailed alzrc and they said they are shipping me a replacement.

As far as comparing it to others, I have only been flying helis for about 2 months so I don't have a lot of experience with it but I can tell you how things went with the build.

The head and tail assemblies were already together and most screws were loctited and no grease in the thrust bearings. Unlike the HK 450 the frame is not assembled and the manual is not in the box so i had to download it. The head and grips are a much tighter setup then my hk 450tt and align 450 with tarot flybarless head, and it looks very nice. The head and the tail moves very smoothly.

The fiberglass parts doesn't have the best finish, the canopy is better then the tail, but the paint was nice and it has a great looking scheme. Of the 4 screw holes to fasten the tail to the fuse I had to file three holes to line up and the forth hole was nowhere close so I had to make my own.

The biggest issue I ran into was the out of round gears in the boom block, it has the same setup as the align so I was ably to use a spare set of gears that I had. It helped but didn't completely fix the problem, the gear clearance is very tight at one point so not the extremely smooth movement I get when I turn the aligns blades by hand, but it was flyable. I think I will have to file the boom mount holes slightly so I can slide it back just a hair for clearance.

As far as for the maiden flight, not only does it look great in the air but most of the guys commented that they loved the sound, I don't know if it is because it is enclosed in the canopy but it has a quiet smooth sound to it that makes it sound as good as it looks.

My setup is:
NTM 1700 kv motor
YEP 45amp ESC
ZYX-S flybarless
Gens Ace 6S 1200 30c
D654 Solar servos with the foam piece under the motor
Power HH 3688HB tail

Hope this gives you guys some usable info, over all I would gladly do it again and I am sure I will be seeing a few more at our field in the future.
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