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Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
Hey guys,

It's only me. I'm so excited about a new purchase I just have to tell someone. LOL

I ordered one of the new Lamas that's about the size of a Big Lama... just a bit bigger.
This is the most detailed helicopter I've ever taken out of the box. It is so well done, I am afraid to fly it. 3 rotor head and although it can be flown as a "fixed pitch" bird, it also has CP and will fly upside down. I never intend to try that. That's just not real helicopter flying to me.
It's those guys who are so smooth on the sticks you can hardly tell it's a model. I ran it up to 100% throttle with full down pitch and it sounds exactly like the detailed turbine motor is making the noise. This one has a functional tail rotor also. Shaft/gear driven. The turbine engine displays a bright red light inside and there are other functional navigation lights. Blades are made of pure carbon. I can give it a tiny bit of "up" pitch and run it up to about 70% and it starts to get light on the skids. We have wood floors and a vacant living room that is 14x30'.... so last night I held a tiny bit of pitch on it and when it got light on the skids, I could "fly" it all over the place as it slid on the shiny floor. Very expensive and hard to fly.
Sure does make a beautiful display piece though.

could you provide a link to it or at least some pictures of what heli you are talking about ?
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