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Originally Posted by ritchie_laird View Post
very easy to fall in the trap of thinking that it is easy to fly these things with some of the videos the experienced put up.
and that is why it looks easy because they are experienced.

but don't be discouraged with that because every hour you are in the air is another hour experience you get. some flights are a little scary and some you feel like you have gone in leaps and bounds since your last flight.

and also don't stop cause someone has more experience, I have no air time with a quad as yet. except if you call an inch off the ground in the lounge room a flight (don't think so).

things I have already found out with being an inch off the ground.
1. controllers horizontal calibration done incorrectly.
this will cause the quad to drift as the controller thinks that flat is actually an
2. the left right and forward back sticks are deadly.
be very gentle with them as your TV keeps you entertain'd and the wife throws a mean plate.
3. very slowly bring the motors up to speed.
you don't want to launch your quad into outer space.
4. double check the orientation or direction of the quad.
else you may find forward is straight at your head.
5. slowly learn your switch setup.
this could have a different response that you expected.

nuff said.
Another thing that can cause drift is an unbalanced quad. Too much weigh on one side or the other or forward or back can produce slight to wicked drift, depending of course upon which FC you are using.
Also, if your FC is not level on the quad, it will always drift.
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