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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
Perfect! I guess my main question at this point would be, can the units GPS feature be used as a bailout in case of loss of orientation?

I rarely need this feature, but when I do, I need to know the heli is level and staying reasonably in place until I can get my bearings and take back over.

If I'm in forward flight and get it twisted up for whatever reason, what will happen if I flip into GPS atti mode? Will the heli right itself from whatever position its in and then lock into its coordinates based on where I flipped the switch?

That's really it for me at this time, as no one else has been able to answer this particular question for me at this point. I'm not interested in hard decks or flying at any fixed attitude or speed at this point, although that may be useful in a scale build down the road.

Looking forward to Johns input and help on this one
Hello Xrayted;23283674,
This is John Fox. Sorry for the delay it has been hectic the past couple of weeks.
The Naza-H will "park" the heli in the sky when the gps and altitude hold are activated. You do need to return your collective stick to center for altitude hold but you can fly around in GPS mode and I doubt you will lose control. It will limit the the tilt of the aircraft to what ever you program so it will not go past that and if you let go of the cyclic it will return to level and hold position.

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