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Originally Posted by Dennis Frie View Post
Well - apparently the current-sensor from attopilot have voltage-divider onboard:
From sparkfun:
Voltage sense is accomplished by scaling to 3.3V ADC range by a precision resistor divider.

That explains the problem. In that case you can just ignore the external voltage-divider.
You might loose a little precision as it's meant for 52 volt and only 3.3 volt ADC. If it doesn't work well, you can just use the voltage-divider you already made and connect directly to + on battery instead (actually, desolder the resistor from V and just put it directly on the + pad might be better. Up to you).

I'll experiment, and if that is the case, I'll yank the voltage divider from the schematic so as not to confuse folks that plan to use this particular sensor
So which current sensor are you using ?

You said above, "I currently have this hardware I'll look at when i feel like it
3-axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyro for artificial horizon
Pressure-sensor for thermal/altitude
Plug-in memory to log GPS-data, voltage, current etc"

I was glad to see you considering a pressure sensor, "when you feel like it" What pressure sensor do you have?

These gps units seem + or - several meters in elevation

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