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You said,
|| “Rick, in config you have to change  #define VOLT_GAIN 1 It should match your voltage-divider. If you used 3.3K and 10K try with something like 5.12
The value is calculated something like this;
// Calculated by (1024)/(50*divider)
Edit: Think I might have done it different this time, might by 1/x instead. That gives something like 0.195 in your case " ||

So, I changed the 1 in “#define VOLT_GAIN 1” to a 0.195 → no change? So then I changed it to the 5.12 still no change ?

I noticed in config.h

// Input pins
#define VOLT_MEAS 1
#define CURRENT_MEAS 2

But didn't you have me draw up in the schematic Volt measure pin = A0 and Current pin = A2

Shouldn't VOLT_MEAS 1 be VOLT_MEAS 0 ?

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