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Originally Posted by waynemia View Post

Opening the doors is easy. Keeping stuff in is sometimes hard. The first build on my bomb door with one servo could not carry much of a load. The doors would open and spill whatever was in there. I moved the horns on the doors farther from the hinges and put in two servos. It can hold a lot but the servos are holding the load so the current is higher until I drop the load. I think the ideal bomb drop system would allow the doors to be closed and a latch keeps them closed. to drop the load release the latch and let the doors free fall. Then have a servo that just pulls them closed.

This design could be accomplished by using strings on the doors to close them and a latch that the servo arm releases by rotating down also making the strings loose. This would allow the doors to work with one, pretty small servo but could carry a pretty heavy load.
I have 2 skinny doors on this one and I have not really given any thoughts to closing the doors, since each door is 8 inch X 1.25 inch, I was thinking letting them dangle... If you know this may be an issue, advice welcome.

I was basically going to put a loop in the center of both doors that a rod would just pull out of and let um swing. I have the dang manual here somewhere <it was a print version> and I am sure it has detailed instructions <grin> that will walk me through a simple install and configure.
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