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Jalves, I need help.

I connect GPS to arduino nano and wanna see parameters (lon, alt etc.) I uncomment " print_data();" and in serial monitor i have only 0. Time, date, lon, alt, sats and other - only 0.
I connected GPS directly to computer via prolific and get something like that
So my GPS it's OK. It works on 38400, so i write in software Serial.begin(38400);

Sometimes 'lng' is shown (but very BIG number), rest are '0'.

I user nano 3.3/5V adjustable (I use in 5V). I connected TX of GPS to the RX arduino, GND GPS-arduino and +5V froum arduino to GPS (GPS from remzibi OSD - it can work on 5V).

I have no idea...

Second question, what to uncomment in RX software to see data wchich TX arduino will sent to RX?

P.S. Is it normal that it is 4.8V between RX and GND in arduino?

P.S.2. There is also something about GPS LED,
digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //GPS Status LED
else digitalWrite(13, LOW);

In connections ther isn't. So we can use that led? (but after my GPS will works with arduino...)
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