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Originally Posted by jonesy40001 View Post
Mate. that looks like typical P gain shake but..... first thing you need to do is double check Prop and motor balance. That shaking is also typical of excess vibration. Once you have done that, and the problem persists, set your P gain at about 50 and reduce the P Limit to 80 (most ppl run at 100) and see if it improves. failing that increase your I gain through the roof until the quad becomes "doughy" you probably wont see any "low speed oscilations" more of a " flying down the toilet bowl" feeling, then drop the I Gain slowly until you regain controll, Increase I Limit until the toilet bowl feeling comes back then reduce it to regain controll again. I have no trouble doing that with my quad but that is about the best my tiny brain can explain it to you.

Hi Pete thanks for that all the props are balanced ( good thing I purchased 6 sets though going through them like a pig in a apple store) I will recheck I can only feel high frequency vibration along the upvc arms which is slight ( less than my tri using Multiwii ) going to try and use a iphone vibe app to get some measurement I think , @ p50 the quad is unflyable I have to take the p up to 150 + to get it stable as in the video I will try dropping the limit down as I did think the motors may be over compensating ???

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