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I've been trying a few android apps that are for logging time on your model as well as how many batteries. Their individual cycles used, current status and all kinds of things like how much charge was put into the pack, the internal resistance of each pack. Of course you just press a button to log a flight and select your pack. Then when your charging them you input the data and have it in basically a database you can take to the field. After each flight mark the packs and it will track all of your cycles for each pack.. If this kind of stuff makes me a "dork". I'm a "dork" like a fox. Whatever the hell that means.

I suppose, even for someone like me that drops by a field daily before or after work and on my days off. I fly A LOT. It's very hard to keep track of how many flights/run hours i put on something like my tail drive pulley or whatever before they start go wear down and go bad. Or the main culprit that has been a issue with Align helicopters as well as clones is the tail grips ejecting when the tail grip bearings wear out. It will eject the outer race of the bearing and the blade grip together, while the inner race stays attached to the spindle hub. Through all the time i put into a heli i couldn't tell you how many hours it was running before that bearing failed.

Speaking of which. Tarot took the lead on this issue here and added thrust bearings to the tail grips. Gaui X5 tail grips use a bolt on the spindle hub and a nylock nut to hold the grips on. I think they also have thrust bearings. But align and many clones still have not caught on to this maintenance issue. I don't ever see it talked about till it happens to someone either.
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