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Originally Posted by finguz View Post
IntegrityHndywrk: For sure.

I wouldn't mind them send me one for your guys' benefit
Lol, again. I don't want to keep them either. Well, maybe just the ones i REALLY like. I could never keep up with that kind of maintenance. My current 5 helicopters that i fly regularly keep me well enough in the hole in that aspect

I would be perfectly happy sending them back to the distributor and also paying any repairs so they could resell it. But again. I wouldn't pull any punches and that could go either way for the distributor or manufacturer. NOW if someone happens to think/ know they make a superior product. That is the guy who would have no fear sending me a heli for review. Because they know that i might point out the flaws, but i would also point out the value. So, is there any point in someone reviewing something like a SAB Goblin? I think so. With all the hype, sure it's a great heli. But someone should be out there saying it's also not perfect. None of these "toys" are. The thing about doing reviews in such a way. After so long you actually have experience with every brand and can start to be able to contrast the pro's of one heli to the con's of another and compare the issues and likenesses of different brands. In the end constructive criticism should only make the manufacturer better. At least thats the way I'm looking at it. One of the tolls for being in business is keeping up with competition. If your making an inferior product and selling it for nearly as much as FAR superior products. You should be called out for it.

Hell for that matter, why isn't there any kind of record or advise on service life of components or anything like that. Does anyone know of such a database? There should be some kind of wiki out there that documents when to replace things on specific models and things like that. I don't know why these machines don't have anything like that. Every other mechanical device i can think of has some kind of maintenance that is documented to prevent failure. Cars, aircraft, water craft. I suppose no one ever takes to time to translate their manual to English, this is probably asking too much. Maybe we should start a wiki? Just having such a data base would collectivize all the data in such a way that people would obviously, with little research, be able to pick a brand or "clone" that is not total garbage and in their price range based on the mechanical service life of individual parts. In the process it will weed out the, less than reputable, heli manufacturers. We don't need them if they aren't looking to improve them self for our hard earned money.
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