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Originally Posted by finguz View Post
I know but getting new stuff feels so good!

+1 On the 700 Tarot, though I'm not ready for a 700. If so, I wonder how much it would cost. Once again I'd have a little clone-phobia, a lot with a 700 maybe. I don't want to feel like I wasted money again.
You see, the reason i would want to buy a Tarot now is for YOUR benefit. Not mine. Especially since so many people have been burned by some cheap brand or the other. I just want to review the things honestly, with no white wash or vested interest. Most reviews end up being this whole "this product is great" video no matter what they really think. Like the Xheli videos. It's almost like in these reviews and videos, they are scared to say what everyone will eventually discover on their own anyway. If a product is good, it's just good. If it's bad. Well, it's just bad. There really isn't any middle ground in this hobby. You can have a good airframe with crappy electronics (walkera) and stay in business. But why is it every review of their products reads like a script right from Walkera? The thing about Walkera is.... No one would DARE send me a Walkera heli for an honest review. If anyone at all was listening they would never sell the damn thing. But i would be as honest as i possible can while doing a legit review. The sad truth is for a lot of helicopter companies, just like governments. Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
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