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Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
Got her back together, cleaned up, reinforced, and pretty much looking good as new, but I had my rudder servo strip out (surprise, surprise).

Any suggestions on servos (yes, I'll be replacing the elevator as well) that won't break the bank but are not going to break either? I'm not a crazy 3D guy (yet), so I don't need anything top of the line. Just looking for something reliable . . and reasonably inexpensive.

For anyone interested, here's what it took to get my Sbach "up to snuff". Hopefully anyone who is interested in buying this thing will benefit. It's a great airplane, and with a few mods, I'm delighted with it.

For the weak landing gear, I cut out about two inches of foam on either side of the original brace (this was easy, since half of the foam was ripped out in my last LG collapse. I smoothed the remaining foam as much as possible, then epoxied a 1/8th inch piece of plywood over the entire area. I cut holes to allow access for the screws, then epoxied the original LG mount to the basswood. I was tempted to screw the original mount to the basswood, and probably will regret not doing it, but time will tell.

For the Motor mount, as I mentioned before, the plastic motor mount is glued to an area of foam that is not very thick. I cut out foam to either side (I probably could have cut it all out, and again may end up doing that later), and used 3/32 basswood epoxied over the entire area. I cut a venting hole in the basswood to match the hole in the plastic motor mount, and additional holes to match the screws. I used two basswood sticks to attach to the remaining foam on either side to provide some additional bracing. If you do this, keep in mind that you need to ensure the motor is still mounted in the original location to fit inside the cowling.

Now, once I get a couple new servos, she'll be back in the air again.
one more thing to do, sometime back in this thread is a post where guy ran CF flat stock from landing gear back to plane frame. i did it also but i used round CF tube. landing gear has had some tough bumps but never came off again
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