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Originally Posted by bobly View Post
I'm not good enough to be a beta tester, but fly mine is all I've done so far. When the weather cooperates that is. Still has stock prop, stock esc, did change wheels because I fly off grass, but do that to almost everything I ever bought. I'm wound up about it. I have trouble thinking of it as a UM though. Decided quickly that instead of a big little plane, it was a little big plane. Flies much bigger than it is. But this 33F high today with 23-30 mph winds just didn't make it worth even trying and had the whole day to play. I normally take several planes to the field, but since the Edge, only it has went with enough batteries and chargers to fly it almost continuous. Nothing has broken yet. I do have spare 7x3.5 props if it happens, but that is standard practice to have extra props for anything I own.
Well i would love to be a beta tester, Thought was going to get to be one once for a comp but guess since i dont go to contests all time they picked someone else. I have been in hobby long time and can pick out flaws with items.

Originally Posted by turnerm View Post
I do agree with you but I'm guessing it all comes down to costs and the final price point. I guess they know we are going to tinker no matter what so their focus is most likely on market price.
Yeah true but how are they making money off props if were all buying props else were rather then from them? however I used to have my dream job i worked at a hobbyshop and I know for every 10 ppl that walked in maybe 1 out of the ten got on sites like this one to read what others have modded so unless Myself or someone else at the store told them a mod they would just keep buying stock props or whatever it was.

Most of there planes not so bad I always said eflite battery's stink i won't ever buy one I rather have a cheap $2 one then there's.
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