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Originally Posted by MSelig View Post
Looking at pylon racing was a good idea here. I've added some EF1 courses. I can add more. Please let me know what you think.

The download link is this:

Here's the update blurb: "Adds two-pylon and three-pylon race courses for Electric Forumla One pylon racing (EF1). These new courses are included with the Worthington County Airport panorama field. Also, selecting the "4 Pylon Race" with the Worthington County Airport panarama field uses a three-pylon course for F3D/F5D racing. For these race course setups, the pylons are 19-ft tall and are red/white All other pylon racing sites in FS One use 12-ft tall pylons and are orange/white. These pylons both meet the NMPRA Rule that the pylon height must be between 10 ft (~3 m) and 20 ft (~6 m)."

This is terrific! The Worthington site is the best for this. Good pick!
Here are some thoughts:

1.The pilot views are good for the racing, just about what you'd see in the real race.

2.The aircraft start positions and start pilot views need to be moved.

a.For the three pylon courses the aircraft takes off directly away from the pilot toward the far pylon. The pilot view at the start should be directly toward the far pylon with the aircraft about 50 ft. in front of the pilot pointed directly away from the pilot. Assuming the pilot view that you are using currently is about 50 inside the baseline of the triangle that would put the aircraft on the S/F line as defined by the course layout rules ie. 100 ft. from the base of the triangle.

b.For the two pylon course the layout defines the S/F line to be a line perpendicular to the center line of the two pylons at it's midpoint. The take off position is in front of the pilot station (the pilot station is at the S/F line removed 225 ft. on the perpendicular from the pylons center line) at a 45 degree angle toward the first pylon which is to the right of the pilot station/view. I can't tell from the graphics of the current two pylon simulation if the pilot view is, in fact, 225 ft. from the pylon centerline but it should be. The aircraft take off position should be about 50 ft in front of the pilot view and pointed toward the first pylon, about 45 deg. to the right.

3.The simulation appears to finish the race at the last pylon turn of the race rather than the start/finish line defined by the course layout.

4.Pylon cuts:

a.The two pylon race seems not to be a round-the-pylon event but an "end boundary" event. It doesn't make a difference if you go around the pylons only that you pass the parallel lines perpendicular to the pylon's centerline. Is there a way to make the race an around the pylons event with the appropriate cut penalties?

b.On the three pylon courses it seems the simulation is giving a cut if the A/C strays over the center line between the pylons the A/C is between. I'm not completely sure about this but I think a cut is given if the A/C flies to the inside of the pylon and never makes it around the outside of the pylon. If the A/C drifts over the centerline somewhere between them and then comes back on the desired course to make it around the pylon it is not deemed a cut.

5.Is there a way to reset the timer/game without having to escape and reload the entire game?

6.On the "4 pylon" (F3D/F5D) course the far pylon is very difficult to see, at least to these tired old eyes! It blends in with the background.

7.How are the "turn" and "ding" sounds programed? It seems like the "turn" is given before the A/C reaches the pylon. Is there a lead distance for the audible or am I just not perceiving the position of the A/C relative to pylon in the graphic correctly?

This is a bit of a list, for which I apologize, but it shows terrific promise. It will be great to do some pylon racing with my flying buddies during the cold winter months!

Cheers, Jack (diceco)
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