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Hi CapsJac and others members:

My name is fher from puerto rico, im very very new to the rc helicopter, i have 3 trex 450 clon, one x525 quadcopet and 2 dh 9116, im in the hobby like 10 years but in th helis like 4 months, i read the entire post but have several question before i set one of my 450 to the scale world(also i not like much the 3d stuff, but have one heli set for that, never fly it)

My numbers:

3500 kv outrunner
mechanical pitch -11 to 11
flybarless tarot zyx-s


1- What motor pinion i need to use with the flat 80% TC? or what head speed is good for 450 scale?

2-How many cyclic pitch degree is good? 6*, 5*???

3- For the 450 what pitch curve is good? in the post i read -2/3/8, -2/4/7 and others

4-How much D/R? if any

5-How much expo for cyclic and rudder??

I know are much question, and most of the question have personal tastes, but i like to know your preferencences and test it in my heli, thanks again, and by the way nice nice post, we need most post like this, No all rc pilot like the 3D stuff
FherPR is online now Find More Posts by FherPR