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What a lousy day flying.....

Well, tried to fly 4 things today in 3-5 mph winds and was not successful on any of them really.
First off was my V911 Helicopter, and something is wrong with the trim...... I have adjusted the trim and the arms that control that.... but it still wants to go backwards. How do you check the CG on these? I did not make any solid diagnosis because of the wind. Note that this is my 2nd V911.... first one seemed to perform ok. But, I have broken a wire off the circuit board so it is temporarily out of service.
2nd up was my Champ....... but looks like that can't fly in ANY wind. I also have concluded that I need new 'tail feathers' because what I have do not appear to have any real strength after gluing and taping, ie bend too easy.
3rd was my Wild Hawk.... and I think I made 'some' but very little progress. It did fly for a little bit a couple of times, but last run was a divebomb into the ground and fuselage broke completely. It still seems to veer to the right and goes down nose first. I am about ready to kick this into the garbage!!!! I plan to film my attempts next time.... if I ever get to a next time with it.
4th was my newest plane - a Mini-air SU26. First flight and when hit ground nose first it broke the prop shaft! How do I fix that?
General question....... how big a plane do I need to get so that I can fly successfully in a little wind? Same question with helicopters. Would a T-28 plane do the job?
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