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Here is a pic from aircraft world. The "backmount Kit" consists of
a)Prop mount adapter that screws onto the motor bell
b)shaft retainer, similar to those for holding wheels onto axles.
c) wood spacers.

b & c can be obtained or improvised from elsewhere but since you must have (a) BUY IT.
ESC no advantage.
Scorpion comes with all you need. Their 3008 is a little light but 3014 1040 would be great.

HK is OK but variable quality. You may buy several & have some good. The bearings are no way as good. Also Hyperion/Scorpion magnets are much higher temp. So unlikely to demag. Suggest sticking to 80% of advertised watt/amp limit.
If you have a lot of crashes still then buy 5 HK motors & replace as needed. If you only occaisionally have a mishap, move up to a great motor. I have a couple of Hyperion & several Scorpions.
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