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6,352 Posts it was snowing out, the winds are/were 45 mph +, and good size oak trees are crashing to the ground at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes (the area was logged recently and when too many trees are removed the topsoil is disturbed to the point that trees, left to mature, don't have as strong a foothold as they once did and the other more mature trees also provided a wind break for the smaller ones.....and now they're gone.) I placed the five of them along a deer path bordering the oaks and the swamp.....(two of them have pacemakers and I didn't want to be responsible for their deaths by marching them miles in what they called a "blizzard"!) I then still-hunted beyond all of them and then zigzagged back towards them (that's the part that still sends shivers up my spine thinking about it). When I got to the spot where the last one was dropped one was there......I got to the next one was there.........the one...........the one........and their tracks are gone even! Well, it turns out that they lasted about 20 minutes and they all walked back to the van where I found them all watching movies and playing video games on their smart phones or Nintendos! They were getting worried about me............good thing I decided to check up on them........otherwise they might have come out looking for me......with not one of them knowing how to read a compass, map, or the terrain!
So they had their taste of "hunting" and on the drive back to my brother-in-law almost wipes us all out as the tires on his van have to have been completely bald for us to be spinning down the highway first one way and then the next........missing going straight into the huge trees just off the road!!!!!! I told him to drive 20mph or I was going to should have heard the boys screaming as that van was spinning out of control........the day after Thanksgiving has me giving thanks for my life!!!!!! Why me Lord! Why me!!!!! I'm still pretty shaken by it all....
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