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Originally Posted by cirrus_uk View Post
I'm thinking about getting the HYPERION ZS-3009-20 1100Kv brushless motor for my new Sig 20 EP plane (currently building). This is my first build and first motor so I've some basic questions I'd appreciate some help on.

1) I've no idea how the mounting works, there appears to be a shaft at both ends of the motor. The mounting kit says it comes with a Cross-piece for front or backmount installations, but then also says "In order to "backmount" Zs30 an option set is required" which is confusing.

any pictures showing when you would front vs backmount and what is required to achieve both?

2) haven't decided on the prop yet but hoping to have around 400w of power with this motor and running on a 3s 2200 lipo.

3) is there any advantage to pairing the motor with the recommended Atlas ESC? vs a different make which might be switching instead of linear.

4) Given these motors were first round in 2009, are they still updated? I can get a HobbyKing NTM motor for 1/5th of the price which appear more modern.

5) It sounds like Scorpion now manufacturer these motors, but I can't find an equally spec'd motor from Scorpion. Why do the hyperion's come with only a 12 month warranty and yet the Scorpion's come with 2 years?

I'm guessing it's the Four Star 20 EP?? If so the review I looked at showed the motor backmounted. This is probably the most common sport model (ie not glider) mounting for the motor, where the fixed base of the motor is bolted in front of a firewall or motor box, often using spacers or standoffs to get the prop at the right position. In a front mount, the motor is bolted behind a firewall, the shaft goes through the firewall, and the supplied collet adapter mounts the prop to the shaft. There is a picture of both on this page

The Hyperion backmount kit provides a prop driver that bolts up to the rotating case of the motor, a collar that goes on the motor shaft at the fixed base to stop the bell being pulled off under prop load and various spacers. For a 48" model you're probably going to want the 6mm shaft adapter for the size props you will run.

I use several Hyperion ZS motors and find they run cooler and smoother than Hobby King alternatives. 5 times smoother - of course not, but IMO they are noticeably better motors. For example, nn a 3DHS 46" Vyper, I run a Zs31014-14 with a 13x6.5, for a big increase in performance but the same flight time as when I used a Turnigy 3542, and 2 ot those have developed noticeable radial play in the bearings (ie the shaft can rock side to side).

Re the ESC, I think the Hobby King Plush offer hard to beat value, and run all my Hyperions trouble free. The 40 or 60 have solid switching BECs.
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