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Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
I've found something that seems to work *MOST* of the time on the binding/initialization/linking/connection-activity-between-tranny-and-thing-with-wings-thingy. If you keep some object between the plane and your transmitter, it seems to (insert proper technical term here) with less issues. Probably accomplishes the same thing as having the transmitter farther away, but I get nervous and feel stupid walking my transmitter 15 feet away, then walking over to my Mig, then trying the battery, then going and getting my transmitter (assuming someone didn't inadvertently step on it).

Try it. Doesn't work all the time, but it seems to work more often than not.
Originally Posted by airpower View Post
I just turn around so that my body is slightly in the way
Yup. Anything that reduces the signal strength will work. Hence, why I point the tip of the tx antenna at the aircraft. That attenuates the signal by at least 30 dB (1/1000). Your body will also attenuate 2.4 GHz by about 30 dB or so. In contrast - doubling the distance only attenuates the signal by 6 dB (1/4).

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