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Originally Posted by sgoodmeyer View Post
What stuff? Hacked TX or orange RXs? Because if it's the latter, there's a huge difference when your grey-market, iffy equipment is not sending radio traffic into the air. Very worst case, you might be dealing with copyright issues, but certainly not with the FCC. And, I highly doubt Horizon/Spektrum would even bother with an end user. If they cared enough, they'd just try to go after whoever makes the copycat orange RXs.
Orange RX's are "compatible" not cloned. They are also on the MAAA's list of accepted radio equipment so I wouldn't call them "iffy" either. (Walkera radio equipment is not though, and is effectively banned from MAAA fields)

Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Right, and I believe that was my original argument - that even if you didn't care about the legal issues, you're still facing potential reliability problems because it's not "approved" equipment. What if Spek suddenly changes what the RX is looking for, and it's compatible with original equipment but somehow not compatible with knock-off stuff. Personally, I would do that in such a way that the thing fails randomly in the air. Kinda like the infamous Black Sunday back-hack.
No company would do that because if someone were injured or killed it could result in a lawsuit or even criminal prosecution. Designing your radio equipment so that it deliberately causes a potentially lethal aircraft to go out of control would land you in serious $%#^ if it were ever discovered.
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