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Winters are long and cold up here in Northern Vermont, so I've got to have several projects in my shop keeping me über busy...

- Finish up a ST Models DG-1000 with modified motor and fresh fibrecloth +CA, paint, kewl scale stickers. Just needs covering, CA, paint.

- 1:10 scale, 1,6m ASK-13 scratch build. Fuselage and left wing are done, just need to build right wing and cover, install my new Graupner mx-16 gear.

- HK ASK-21Mi 2m converted to front motor with fibrecloth +CA, paint, scale stickers. Fixing up for a friend. Needs rudder covered and paint.

- 1:8 scale, 2m ASK-13 scratch build with klapptriebwerk SLS extracted from above ASK-21 Mi. This will be a fun, retro old school meets new school. I have the short kit laser cut already with updated jig attached, just waiting for the work bench to be cleared on the 1,6m ASK-13

- Top Parada 2m electric, such a nice sailplane kit. OMG... what a find, NOS from Sal at and a rocking great price :-) . This will give my Radian a run for the money in thermals and ridge soaring. It is such a well built R/E sailplane and can penetrate head winds like no tomorrow with the fiberglass fuselage and really, really nice wing.

- e-flight UMX ASK-21 conversion to ASK-21Mi with powered klapptriebwerk SLS. Just bought all the spare parts and have these, trick little sailplane.

- UMX Mossie, detail, weather and fly.

- FMS Stuka Ju 87 build, detailing with German Kavan threaded 3" wheels, weathering, upgraded ESC, UBEC. Need to buy 3S, 4S batteries for this.

- Start building a 1:3.5 scale Topaze by Chris Williams.

- Finish reading my 180 page Graupner mx-16 owner's manual, start programming my new telemetry, vario module with audio sounds and voice.

- Lastly, start on my 4m ASK-13 short kit!

That should wear the elves out, they'll need to refill with more maple syrup soon. Cheers, Thompson
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