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I have 3 quads - WL v929, MJX x100 and now this MJX x200. I am certainly not any kind of expert so these opinions are based on my experiences and abilities.

- very robust construction - booms and blades much heavier than v929
- nice 600mah 20c battery
- plenty of lift power and speed
- very smooth and quiet
- 3 flight modes (beginner-intermediate-advanced) plus throttle limit dial
- the camera from the F45 fits on the bottom and plugs in (although these cameras are so-so)
EDIT: The F45 camera does not work with the x200. You must buy the new C4003 model.
- this is going to be a blast in a large field

- canopy incorrectly labelled as 6-axis
- pcb light not visible to determine when binding is complete
- the AIL/Rud push button is close to the flight mode button and can be accidentally pressed during flight, which would not be good
- extra weight and momentum makes it more difficult to stabilize it into a hover (the momentum reminds me of the F45) - only an issue indoors
- throttle stick has a very stiff and grating feeling
- letting go of the cyclic stick induces an annoying wobble
- - AND - - - > the tx is NOT an upgrade to the x100 tx and is NOT COMPATIBLE with previous MJX releases (ie x100, F45)! -what???!!!

Note that I am flying in my living room. On my first few flights I was having a difficult time. I was flying on beginner mode. It hovers nicely but if you get it moving too fast it is very difficult to get back into a hover due to the momentum it carries. Also it tends to drift in random directions.

On my next flight I switched to intermediate setting and control was much better and I was starting to enjoy it. Still more challenging then the v929 but I think this quad will be happy (and very fast) in a large flying area. I am just not sure if I like the tx - but I will give it more time. Big problem is that this tx is certainly borderline and not compatible with any others that I have. I tried binding with MJX x100, MJX F45, WL E728, NE J6Pro.

Here a short test flight video. Sorry for the lighting but outdoors is transitioning to winter with daily rain and/or wet snow.

MJX x200 Test Flight (4 min 18 sec)
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