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Originally Posted by Orem_Aeronut View Post
I'll start by saying that I'm still a beginning 3d pilot, and that i'm fairly comfortable with the most basic 3d maneuvers. The only other plane i've flown 3d is the UMX Beast3d.
This plane flies like you would expect a small plane to fly. It doesn't do well with windy conditions. AS3X immediately came to mind, but oh well.
That being said, when flown without wind, this plane is a lot of fun. ive had a total of four flights with it, and im pretty impressed so far. the first two flights were in a 5-10 mph wind, which made it tricky, but i was mostly just trimming it out and observing anyway. For the next couple flights i was able to fly it in calm conditions. I also mixed in some elevator with the rudder, as there were coupling issues in knife edge flight.
The plane performed really well in these conditions. It tracks along nicely, rolls like a beast, and has plenty of power. Vertical climbing came easily, and i felt secure that i could bail out of any sticky situations.
Now I'm not that great a pilot, and hovering came fairly easily for me. Harriers were pretty darn smooth, with little wing rock, and at times, there was none. I did find myself longing for a bit more "floatiness", though it wasn't problematic or anything. Knife edge was really nice once i got the mix right on the elevator.
I really need more time to do some fine tuning to adjust the plane to my skill level and preference. I think it will be a good one to develop my skills further. I'd really like to see it in the hands of a skilled pilot, and i'm anxious to hear what others think, as well as any tips they might have about setup issues and the like. Thumbs up!
did you get the mix worked out for ke? Mind sharing the values?
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