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Crazy modeling

Thank you, Rob!

Normally, I start a follow-along article at the same time that I start the model. and post a lot of work-in-progress images. In this case, I got pretty far along on the model before I started the article, But, I'm working on the article nearly every day, and will show 3D modelers many of the things I encountered while researching and building this one.

It is a maddening aircraft to try and build accurately, due to the brilliant design team at Lockheed-Martin. The most typical problem is that some lines look straight from one angle, and like curves from another. And, as you mentioned, not all F-22's are the same. (Landing gear doors, for example, have changed from the earlier models, as well as a number of things we probably can't see. It pays to go slowly, checking everything many times, because it's easy to "paint yourself into a corner" with this one.

I'm looking forward to doing more animations with the model, too, because I've added a lot of stuff to the rig. Yesterday, for example, I added a mechanism, including a rotating jackscrew, for the opening canopy. ( ) That's a feature I don't have great photos on, but it's fun to play with, regardless. As time moves on, I'll correct errors, add more detail, etc..

The follow-along starts at and I'll be adding a LOT more too it, explaining how I built it, and why I did things a certain way. Have fun!
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