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My guess is that, hammer22 got a working DSMX by using a present
DSMX sequence. The hard part of this problem is how to map a GUID
to a jumping sequence. However, if you are only building one TX and use
one GUID at a time. You can using the SPI bus sniffer one the receiver to
discover the jumping sequence for that GUID. Then you just hard code the
jumping sequence in TX. That way you can walk around the harder problem
of how to map ANY GUID to a jumping sequence.

If we preset the GUID in firmware, that comes to a problem that the preset
GUID is limited, you might run into another TX in the field with same GUID.
Then that is really bad. My guess is that, Hammer22 can avoid it by assign
a different GUID for each TX module he sell.

The receiver are relative cheap. You can also use the MCPX/MQX 3 in 1
board to play with the receiver. That is what I did any way because I have
a few busted MCPX board in hand.

Originally Posted by SimonChambers View Post
Hasn't hammer22 got a working DSMX transmitter module? If so, then it's probably unlikely that he's decapped a Spektrum microcontroller and hacked it to dump its firmware...

I've only just started reading through this thread and the Cypress chip is new to me. Also I don't have any Spektrum kit to play around with myself.

Keep up the good work guys though!

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