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I bought mine when the "NORVELITES" were all raving 'bout their .074 engines being so powerful that they were getting rid of all their .15 size engines.(Makes you kinda wonder what brand of 15 engine they were using.) I even had one guy tell me that the Neofun was gonna be "too quick" if I used the Norvel .061 for power.!!! ........ Took one look at that plane, weighed all the pieces, then didn't even consider the .061. I made a new wing joiner(removed all the dihedral), cut 'bout half the trailing edge off, installed .ailerons, & bolted an Enya .09 on the thing. Wish that I hed removed all the excess lumber that GETTINOUT did. Plane had ample power, but overall, sure wasn't anything to write home about. I left mine as a "belly flopper" too. That horizontal stab is ok if you're using the trike gear, but the way it is now, it's gonna catch every twig,stone, & weed that come in it's path. Hope you have a nice clean field. First time that I "dumb-thumbed" mine & did some minor damage, it ended up in the trash can. ............... George K.
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