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Also people abuse the privilege of having a brain :

Ive seen video of larger [ cheap ] helicopters come apart in the air or on take off as head speed builds ..

Q, Why would anyone think a larger plastic heli can handle high head speed ?
Q. Why would they set them up , to have high head speed ?
Q. The larger the heli , the slower the head speed can be

For some strange reason , I dont know why ? , a lot of the video I have seen , these larger cheap [ plastic heads ] helicopters are pulling a lot of RPM ...

The goal , I would have thought , would be to find the near minimum head speed that the heli finds acceptable .. To fly well ..
I would have thought - So there is that [ common sense rearing its ugly head again ]

So maybe its not a $$ factor , maybe its a people factor , people do crazy things .

So how do you stop people from doing crazy things ?

You cant , and youtube is a medium for everyone to share the good and the bad ...
Hopefully - God willing - folks learn from the mistakes [ crazy things ] they do .
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