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Cure for wing waggle.

I haven't checked in here in a while, but I wanted to share a recent discovery with the Beast. I don't know if anyone has run into this before, but thought maybe I could save someone the headaches I went through.

Over the past month or so, I started to get some oscillation on the ailerons under power, aka wing waggle.

At first, I thought maybe a servo was getting jittery. I disassembled, cleaned and lubricated them both, but it didn't help. Next I spent time getting all of the slop out of the linkages, also with no result.

I did more testing, and realized it was only happening under power. (The plane flew nice and straight in a vertical dive.) So, I tried some other props. I replaced the stocker with a GWS 5030, which made things WAY worse. Next, a 5040, which made things a lot better. That pretty much confirmed my suspicion... an out of balance prop was creating a vibration that was getting into a harmonic with the AS3X as it tried to compensate..

When I got home, I balanced the motor, then the prop. The next flight was smooth as silk! Problem solved.
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