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I'm a corsair guy, love the TF .60 sized corsair. Mine flew many years back with a ST.90 for power. It was 10.5lbs, they fly good at that weight or under. During the build I moved the servo tray around along with the battery to balance as I built. I didnt need any led to balance. The build is pretty straight forward and the wing builds straight if you follow the instructions. I was a relative newbie at the time. It flys great, not quite trainer like but easy enough to handle if you're experienced. The first thing you will want to do when trimmed is take it up high and familiarize yourself with a corsair stall. Its really nasty and needs to be watched out for. DO NOT get too slow on landing, use about 1/4 throttle or so until you're comfortable with it. Both my corsairs tended to break left and roll over in a stall. You need lots of altitude to recover. You dont need a lot of control throw on warbirds, ~1/4" to 3/8" for elevator, all the rudder you can get (you'll need it on takeoff), and about 1/2" to 5/8" for ailerons. With too much elevator you will get a cork screw at the top of a loop (high speed stall). It will also be real pitch sensitive. Over sensitivity can also be a problem on the ailerons too. Its no fun flying with it over sensitive like that, get down fast and dont deal with it. Depending on your motors torque, its gonna want to hang a left on take off so be ready on the rudder. Dont let the flaps be too intimidating. Its pretty ingenious the way they're done.
There is another option for electric rotating retracts, . They are $284 plus struts. Whatever you do, spend the money and use quality retracts. Nothing is worse than a ruined day messing with poor quality retracts, been there done that. You just get a lot of damage to repair. One other thing that some say is a characteristic with corsiars, tail waggle. Both of mine did it at full throttle (TF 64"ws, Brian Taylor 76"ws). Come back a little on the throttle and it went away. Just an annoyance.
My next corsair project is a meister.
Nothing is finer than a corsair screaming low strafing run over the runway.
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